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  • Agropur

    Agropur is proud to welcome Damafro to its extended family.
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  • Damafro logo brie snack


    Brie Snack

    What a fabulous idea from Damafro's creative cheese makers: a delicate melting Brie in a unique packaging, designed for your convenience so any planned or spur-of-the-moment gathering is easy-going and enjoyable. The result is easy-to-serve, bite-sized, even, perfectly flavourful slices, every time.

    brie snack
  • Chèvre des Alpes à tartiner


    Chèvre des Alpes Spread

    Everyone appreciates the wonderful fresh taste of our famous Chèvre des Alpes. So we captured it in this recipe for a cheese spread that reveals all its nuances in a light and delicately whipped texture.

    Chèvre des Alpes à tartiner
  • Le Cremeux


    Le Crémeux

    Damafro is introducing a totally new recipe and look for this wonderfully smooth and creamy soft cheese. Its rich buttery flavour will perfectly complement all your sandwich and cooking ideas.

  • Brie

    25 % less salt Brie

    A Traditional Brie with 25%less salt.
    A first in the Damafro offering! This low-sodium cheese nevertheless displays the delicate flavours typical of this famous cheese.

  • yogourt fraise

    Naturally Flavoured Damafro Yogurts

    Our 100% milk yogurt family of products is growing once more. We now have two new naturally flavoured fruit yogurts: Natural Strawberry flavour and Natural Lime flavour.

    yogourt lime

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